About MST

Who are we?

Based on the south shore of Montreal, MST Enterprises specializes in air conditioning, heating and ventilation. We promise our clients comfort and peace of mind.

In addition to possessing the required certification to practice their trade, our technicians take the time to advise and inform you about your new appliance or system so that you will reap all the benefits and prolong its lifetime.

With us, you’ll benefit from professional support before, during and after your purchase. You’re in good hands.

Our story

After having worked for more than 10 years in the field of ventilation and its maintenance, Jean-François Tessier founded MST Enterprises in 2006 with his son, Alexandre, who already had 8 years of experience as a refrigeration mechanic. On board their only truck, the duo launched on a path that would bring them success. The following year, in response to increasing demand for its expertise, its unparalleled client service and the quality products on offer, the small team expanded. Every year since, MST has been growing its team. Today, MST is comprised of a staff of 16, forming 7 service teams, all highly motivated thanks to our stimulating work environment.

Our Values


At MST, our advice serves to guide you in buying the appliance or system that you really need. We will never encourage you to spend money needlessly.

Efficiency and Responsibility

At MST, quality goes hand-in-hand with fast service: in advising you, in installing your new appliance or system, in ensuring its smooth functioning, in maintaining and repairing as needed. We take responsibility for offering you the best products on the market and exemplary service.


Reassuring you, answering your questions and helping you is how we thank you for doing business with us, and this applies before, during, and after your purchase.