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By combining our expertise and a high-performance air exchanger, you will breathe pure air and obtain an ideal comfort level at home. The air exchangers offered at MST are chosen with the greatest care for their manufacturing quality and high filtration efficiency. They are entirely adapted for our climate, to your budget, and especially for the wellbeing and health of your loved ones.

Air Exchanger: Air Purification, Humidity Control, and Energy-Saving.

Any new construction and any home that increases its surface area by 50% must now be equipped with a heat recovery air exchanger. Using air ducts, this system sends stale air outside while bringing in preheated fresh air. Thus, it improves the quality of ambient air, which could otherwise remain trapped in a room for too long.

Please note that installing an air exchanger in older homes is also possible if necessary.

Flexibility, simplicity, and efficiency.

Air Exchanger

Choose from these 3 types of air exchangers according to your home’s surface area

Air Exchanger
Up to 1,000 sq. ft
Up to 2,000 sq. ft
For 2,000 sq. ft and more
PCM 95 142 222
Recirculation - Yes Yes
Energy Star No Yes Yes
Warranty Limited warranty of 5 years for parts Limited warranty of 5 years for parts Limited warranty of 5 years for parts
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Why an Air Exchanger?

Undeniable benefits for our health

Circulates ambient air

A continuous and efficient circulation for improved indoor air quality simply and continuously throughout the day and the seasons

Humidity control

Evacuates excess humidity in your home and eliminates the risk of condensation, and the growth of harmful mould in the long term

Eliminates pollutants

Rids the ambient air of atmospheric pollutants, bacteria, viruses in the air, and foul odours

Recovers heat

By recovering heat, you receive a constant flow of fresh and warm air that is draft-free, thus increasing your level of comfort at home

Obtain the best air exchanger adapted for your needs and breathe pure air!

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How to maintain your air exchanger?

According to CAA Québec, the air exchanger filters must be cleaned or replaced at least every three months. Here are some steps to follow to replace your air exchanger yourself.

Always verify the user manual and make sure to unplug your appliance before beginning cleaning.

If your filter is washable, remove it from the appliance and clean it with a vacuum. Then, wash it in hot water with gentle soap, and rinse it thoroughly. Let it dry before reinstalling it.

Remove any debris in front of it and clean the exterior exhaust vent.

Once a year, clean the condensation water tank and gently vacuum the fan and the core of the air exchanger.

Consult our Maintenance Services for more details


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Very professional.

“The service was very professional. After the installation, the place was spotless. The technicians were friendly and respectful. We love our appliance. It is high-performance and quiet.”

Jocelyne Blais

Excellent service.

“I had two heat pumps installed in my home, and I received excellent service. They did it quickly, and everything was clean. The technicians were very kind and professional.”

Michel Brisson