Are you experiencing problems with your heat pump? Save money by consulting this troubleshooting guide before calling a technician.

Consult your user manual for precise instructions. Download the user manual for any model of Fujitsu heat pump here.

Your heat pump isn’t running

If your heat pump isn’t working, make sure your system is set to the desired mode, whether it be automatic, heating or air conditioning. Set the heat higher than the ambient temperature if you’re heating or set it lower if you’re using the air conditioning. Switch the circuit breaker on and off in the electrical panel, and check whether there are any blown fuses. Ensure the air intake grill is correctly closed, and whether the system’s timer isn’t on. If you’ve restarted your system, it can take about three minutes to turn back on, to prevent blowing a fuse. The same happens when you reactivate the circuit breaker.

Your system is no longer efficient

Your heat pump might work but isn’t working as efficiently as it should. Verify the following elements:

Inspect the air return filter. Clean it or replace it if it’s dirty. Check the outdoor unit. Make sure the coils and the fan aren’t obstructed. Close any open window or door. Verify whether there aren’t any other appliances in the room, such as an oven, computers, or even multiple people that might be heating the room. If your unit is in heating mode yet has stopped before reaching the set temperature, the outdoor unit could be running a defrost operation. Does your unit have a “silent” mode? When set to this mode, the fan runs at a very low speed. When the heating mode is activated, the fan runs on low speed to allow the unit to heat up.

Strange sounds are coming from your heat pump

At times, squeaking or cracking sounds can be heard coming from a system. This is due to friction between parts that are expanding with variations in temperature. The sound of water is perfectly normal. That’s the sound of coolant flowing through your unit.

Water and steam are coming out of your unit

Steam can come out of the indoor unit when if the temperature and humidity indoors are high, or if the unit is in defrost mode.

When it is in defrost mode, you can see water or steam come out of the outdoor unit. When it’s on heating mode, water can drip from the heat exchanger on the outdoor unit.

Your unit is giving off unpleasant odors

The indoor unit sucks air from the room, thus absorbing gas held in carpets, furniture, and walls, and then releases them into the room. This is what may cause unpleasant odors.

Do regular maintenance on your heat pump

Many serious problems can be avoided if you carry out basic maintenance on your heat pump, especially if it is recommended in your user manual. It’s also advised to have a professional do specific annual maintenance on your unit.

When to make a service call

If your unit has a problem that isn’t indicated in this guide or user manual or gives off a burning smell, shut the unit and circuit breaker off, and call your local heat pump provider. MST technicians are trained to fix any type of problem you may encounter on any model of heat pump.

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