You want to buy a central heat pump, but you aren’t quite sure which one to choose. Stage 1, Stage 2, variable speed… it can get a little confusing when you aren’t familiar with the products.

This article explains the difference between the three options and hopefully demystify any confusions.

What Do the Terms 1 Stage, 2 Stage, Variable Speed Mean?

When we speak about stages and speed, we are talking about compression. Therefore, the significant difference between all three is the speed at which they work and how the compressor works.

What Is a 1 Stage Heat-Pump?

Let’s start with the basic model, the Stage 1 heat-pump.

  • Compressor Capacity | When the stage 1 heat-pump is on, this model works at 100% capacity.
  • Efficiency & Reliability | The Stage 1 heat-pump is efficient up to temperatures of -12°C. It is a technologically simple model with very few components, so it rarely breaks.
  • Cost | The purchase cost of this model is very affordable. But, as its compressor always works at 100% capacity, it consumes more energy than other models. It will still save you money over time, compared to other modes of heating.
  • Sound Level | The sound level for the 1 stage heat-pump is higher than for other types of central heat-pumps.

What Is A Stage 2 Heat-Pump?

What is the Stage 2 heat-pump all about?

  • Compressor Capacity | This model works on two capacity speeds, generally either 67% or 100%. At 67%, the compressor simply has to maintain the temperature, using less energy.
  • Efficiency and Reliability | The Stage 2 heat-pump works well up until -20 °C, depending on the model. It is a reliable model that rarely breaks.
  • Costs | The Stage 2 heat-pump is a little more expensive than the Stage 1 heat-pump but is still very much affordable. It consumes less energy than the Stage 1, thanks to its maintain-temperature mode. It is highly energy-efficient.
  • Sound Level | The avant-garde conception of the fan makes the Stage 2 heat-pump system mostly silent.

What Is a Variable Speed Heat-Pump?

The Variable Speed heat-pump is the luxury model.

  • Compressor Capacity | The Variable Speed heat-pump is an inverter compressor. Similar to a dimmer light, this compressor works between 30% and 100%. The system is designed to acknowledge the current temperature of the room and adjust accordingly to reach a consistent temperature.
  • Efficiency and Reliability | The Variable Speed system is ideal for the extreme cold temperatures of Quebec. It delivers a powerful performance up to temperatures of -30°C. This reliable system generally performs over 33% than its nominal capacity. For example, 12000 BTU can give 22100 BTU of heat.

Specific models of Inverter heat-pumps can control up to 8 rooms efficiently. These units are individually adjustable for an optimal and personalized temperature in your home.

  • Cost | A Variable Speed heat-pump is more expensive outright but will save you more over time. At its lowest setting, it lasts longer and uses very little energy. Its speed climatizes to the temperature; it consumes the minimum power needed to maintain the desired temperature. This alone saves you so much more over time than the other models.
  • Sound Level | The Variable Speed model is the most silent of them all. Its internal parts emit a noise no louder than a gentle rain. You will barely realize when they are on.

A Responsible Choice

The right choice for your heat-pump will depend on your personal preferences and budget. If you aren’t sure which model to choose, get in touch with our MST experts. They will be more than happy to evaluate your needs and match you to the most appropriate model for your home.

All of our heat-pumps are under guarantee. Ask our team to explain the individual warranties offered with the specific model of heat-pump.

The heat-pump filter significantly reduces allergens in the air. What’s more, using a heat-pump is eco-friendly as it runs on electricity. Electricity in Quebec is a renewable energy. Our models also use R-410 Refrigerant, which does not harm the ozone layer.

The purchase of a central heat-pump is a choice you won’t regret. Not only will you support a healthy environment, but you will also save considerably on your heating and enjoy optimal comfort at home. The central heat-pump is a win-win solution.

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