Who doesn’t love to save on bills? Whether you are working with a small budget or not, savings are always welcome. Did you know that there are government grants for heat pumps in Quebec? They were created to increase eco-friendly and efficient energy use. When you buy and install a new heat pump in your home, be sure to apply for one of these heat pump grants:

Here is an overview of the available programs.

What Is the Hydro-Québec Efficient Heat Pump Program?

This program offers a grant for an eligible heat pump installation or replacement. The financial aid allotted varies according to the heat pump’s heating output. You get $50 for every thousand BTUs of heating output at -8°C. If you choose a higher efficiency heat pump, you will receive $120 for every thousand BTU of heating capacity at -8°C.

You will find the program’s eligibility criteria in the participant’s guide.

Application for Hydro-Québec’s financial assistance.

How Does the Chauffez Vert Program Work?

A grant is offered when replacing a fossil fuel heating system, like propane or oil heating, with a system using renewable energy, such as electricity. The financial aid from Chauffez Vert can go up to $1,275.

Consult the participant’s guide (in French) to learn more about eligibility criteria.

Steps to follow to benefit from the Chauffez Vert financial assistance.

An Overview of the Rénoclimat Grant Program

Rénoclimat is a provincial program that offers financial aid when renovating to bring energy efficiency upgrades to your home, including installing a heat pump. The amount allotted for the heat pump varies according to its heating output. You get $50 for every thousand BTUs of heating output at -8°C.

Eligibility criteria and steps to follow to get into the Rénoclimat program.

The Canada Greener Homes Initiative

This federal government program offers up to 700,000 grants that can reach up to $5,000 each. These grants help homeowners bring renovations to their homes to improve their energy efficiency. Various things are eligible for the Greener homes financial aid, like installing a heat pump and improving insulation.

Look at the list of eligible heat pumps for the Canada Greener homes grant.

If you are eligible for the grant for greener homes, you may also be eligible for an interest-free loan with a repayment term of 10 years, ranging from $5,000 to $40,000. This loan is to help Canadians make their homes more energy-efficient and comfortable.

Details of the Canadian loan for greener homes.

The Novoclimat Program for New Houses

The Novoclimat grant program was created to promote the construction of new, energy-efficient homes. Financial aid can go up to $4,000 for the first buyer. If an eligible heat pump is installed, an additional financial aid of $50 for every thousand BTUs of heating output at -8°C is also allotted.

Take a look at Novoclimat’s eligible product list for heat pumps.

LogisVert: Hydro-Quebec and Steffes Incentive

Since April 2023, Hydro-Quebec, through its LogisVert Efficient Homes program, is offering $15,000 in financial assistance to customers who want to install a Steffes central heating system with heat accumulator (ETS).

An additional $7,000 is offered if you simultaneously install an eligible central heat pump.

The financial assistance is provided to you by the installation company of your heat accumulator. The company deducts the grant amount from your invoice and then claims that amount from Hydro-Québec.

Hydro-Quebec Efficient Heat Pumps Project in Collaboration with HydroSolution

When renting an eligible heat pump through HydroSolution, you are entitled to financial assistance courtesy of Hydro-Quebec’s Efficient Heat Pumps program.

The financial assistance offered is $50 for every thousand BTUs of heating at -8°C and will be paid in a single payment by HydroSolution. If you choose a higher efficiency heat pump, you will receive $120 for every thousand BTU of heating capacity at -8°C.

Grants from Energir, Hydro-Quebec, and the Quebec Government

Take advantage of grants when switching to dual-energy, thanks to a partnership between Energir, Hydro-Quebec, and the Quebec government.

Up to $5,800 is offered when replacing a natural gas central heating system with a new one and installing a heat pump.

A grant of up to $5,500 is offered when adding a heat pump to an existing natural gas central heating system.

By switching to dual-energy electricity-natural gas, you can take advantage of Hydro-Quebec’s advantageous rate DT.

Discover the steps to switch to dual energy and take advantage of grants.

MST Helps You Reduce Costs

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