You want to buy a new air conditioner or heating unit, but you need financing to do so.

MST Enterprises has associated with Financeit to offer you a quick, easy, and efficient solution.

The Outline

With Financeit, you can get long-term financing over ten years, for up to $100,000. So whichever heat pump model you want to buy, whether it’s a ductless heat pump, a mini-split, a central system or a multizone, we got you covered. Payment is made in monthly installments.

Within only a few seconds, you will know if you qualify, without any commitment or obligation.


Get a head start on your energy savings by financing your heat pump with Financeit. It all comes down to three simple steps.

First, the application process: apply online by filling out the credit application form. You will receive an immediate response.

Second, once you have been approved, you will confirm and complete the details of your purchase with MST Enterprises by supplying the required documents.

Third, refund payments will be debited automatically from your bank account.


At Financeit, there are no hidden fees. Everything is direct, open, and straightforward. When you purchase an appliance, you know exactly how much you’re paying. All details are provided.

The Financeit loan program offers amortization periods of up to 180 months, which allows for low monthly payment plans that are easy to comply with. In addition, interest rates are affordable, ranging between 8,49% and 12,99%.

Financeit does everything in its power to be flexible and fair towards clients. As a result, you can make additional payments at any time without any penalties.

Your data is safe with Financeit. Bank-calibre encryption is used to ensure that your confidential information stays safe.


In addition to offering financing through Financeit, MST Enterprises helps you save by advising you on how to benefit from government assistance.

There are currently two government programs available to those who purchase an energy-efficient heating system or air conditioning system: the Hydro-Québec program and Rénoclimat.


With the Hydro-Québec program, you’ll benefit from government assistance according to your new system’s heating output in winter.

Hydro-Québec offers this financial support program to encourage people to install efficient heat pump systems powered by renewable energies.

By installing or replacing a heat pump in your home, you’ll benefit from financial assistance from the government, reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, improve your house’s energy efficiency, and save thanks to your new effective system.


With Rénoclimat, you can receive a grant when you buy an eligible heat pump recognized by NEEP.

Rénoclimat is a government assistance program for those looking to improve their home’s energy efficiency.

This way, you’ll enhance your home’s comfort level while reducing your energy consumption. You can also get custom advice on how to improve your home’s power efficiency by having a Rénoclimat advisor personally visit your house.

Make your choice

With this quick and easy financing option and government assistance, there is only one choice left to make. What will your next heating or air conditioning system be?

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