You want to buy a new air conditioner or heating unit, but you need financing to do so.

MST Enterprises has associated with Financeit and Snap to offer quick, easy, and efficient solutions for heat pump financing.

Quick and Easy Financing with Financeit

With Financeit, you can get long-term financing over ten years for up to $100,000. So, we have you covered for whichever heat pump model you want, whether it’s a ductless heat pump, a mini-split, a central system or a multizone. Payment is made in monthly installments.

Within only a few seconds, you will know if you qualify, without any commitment or obligation.

Steps to Get Financing

Get a head start on your energy savings by financing your heat pump with Financeit. It all comes down to three simple steps.

First is the application process: complete the credit application form online. You will receive an immediate response.

Second, once you have been approved, you will confirm and complete the details of your purchase with MST Enterprises by supplying the required documents.

Third, refund payments will be debited automatically from your bank account.

Financeit Benefits

At Financeit, there are no hidden fees. Everything is direct, open, and straightforward. You know exactly how much you’re paying when you purchase an appliance. All details are provided.

The Financeit loan program offers amortization periods of up to 240 months, which allows for low monthly payment plans that are easy to comply with. Interest rates range between 12.99% and 15.99%.

Financeit does everything in its power to be flexible and fair towards clients. As a result, you can make additional payments and even pay off your balance in full at any time without any penalties.

Your data is safe with Financeit. Bank-calibre encryption is used to ensure that your confidential information stays safe.

An overview of financing with Snap

With Snap, you can finance your purchase, even with bad credit.

Snap financing can be advantageous in some cases for short-term loans.

Benefits of Snap

With Snap financing, applying for a loan is quick and easy, and you get approved in minutes.

Snap offers easy and flexible payment options, like direct debit.

Your loan with Snap is an open loan that you can pay anytime, with no fees or penalties.

Until June 30, 2023, a promotion is offered with Snap, where you pay nothing for 6 or 12 months, depending on the chosen offer.

Available Subsidies

In addition to offering financing through Financeit and Snap, MST Enterprises helps you save by advising you on how to benefit from government assistance.

There are currently a few government programs available to those purchasing an energy-efficient heating or air conditioning system: Chauffez vert, Rénoclimat, Greener Homes, Novoclimat, and different programs from Hydro-Québec.

Chauffez vert

With Chauffez vert, you get financial aid that can go up to $1,275.

The Chauffez vert program helps people replace their fossil fuel heating system or water heating system with electrical systems or systems using renewable energy, like electricity.

By bringing this change to your home, you’ll benefit from financial assistance from the government, reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, improve your house’s energy efficiency, and save thanks to your new effective system.


Through the Efficient heat pump program, Hydro-Québec offers financial support when installing or replacing an eligible heat pump.

The amount is allotted according to your heat pump’s heating output, which is $50 for every thousand BTUs of heating output at -8°C.


Rénoclimat is a provincial program for homeowners wanting to improve their home’s energy efficiency by renovating it.

The financial aid allotted for installing an eligible heat pump depends on the heat pump’s heating output. You receive $50 for every thousand BTUs of heating output at -8°C.

This way, you enhance your home’s comfort level while reducing energy consumption. You can also get custom advice on improving your home’s power efficiency by having a Rénoclimat advisor visit your house.

Greener homes

Greener homes is a federal program helping homeowners increase their home’s energy efficiency, including installing a heat pump.

The government offers up to 700,000 grants that can reach up to $5,000 each.

By being eligible for the grant for greener homes, you may also qualify for an interest-free loan with a repayment term of 10 years, ranging from $5,000 to $40,000. This is a government initiative to help Canadians make their homes more energy-efficient.


Novoclimat is a grant program created for new homes, promoting the construction of energy-efficient homes.

The financial aid allowed for installing an eligible heat pump is $50 for every thousand BTUs of heating output at -8°C

Hydro-Quebec and Steffes

Until June 30, 2023, Hydro-Quebec is offering $10,000 in financial assistance to customers who want to install a Steffes central heating system with a heat accumulator (ETS). An additional $5,000 is offered if you simultaneously install an eligible central heat pump.

HydroSolution and Hydro-Quebec

An interesting alternate solution to financing is renting a heat pump.

When renting an eligible heat pump through HydroSolution, you are entitled to financial assistance courtesy of Hydro-Quebec’s Efficient Heat Pumps program.

The financial assistance offered is $50 for every thousand BTUs of heating at -8°C and will be paid in a single payment by HydroSolution.

Energir, Hydro-Quebec, and the Quebec Government

If switching to dual-energy, you can take advantage of grants thanks to a partnership between Energir, Hydro-Quebec, and the Quebec government.

Up to $5,800 is offered when replacing a natural gas central heating system with a new one and installing a heat pump.

A grant of up to $5,500 is offered when adding a heat pump to an existing natural gas central heating system.

Make your choice

With these quick and easy financing options and government assistance, only one choice is left to make. What will your next heating or air conditioning system be?

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