When we decide to buy an air conditioner, one of the first doubts we have is what type of device to buy, since there are many brands, prices and models available on the market. Sometimes, however, we do not reason in other more important elements that, in the long term, translate into greater benefits for our pocket.

While choosing an air conditioning system from a recognized brand is essential, it is also important to know other details before making a choice. Here’s what you should know before you buy an air conditioning system.

Which air conditioning system to choose?

There are different types of air conditioning units: window units, wall units, portable units, central air conditioning units for the whole house, ducted units, roof units, etc.

However, three of these are the most common and each is tailored to different needs: central air conditioning, wall air conditioning (fixed, also called split) and portable air conditioning.

Central air conditioning is recommended for homes that have pre-installed air ducts; wall or split air conditioning is best for homes that do not have air ducts. And finally, portable air conditioning is very useful for those people who cannot install a fixed equipment due to different circumstances, either because they live in a rented property or because the space or the façade do not allow it.

You also have to think about whether you want to air-condition the living room or a room, for which it would be convenient to install the Split system; if, on the contrary, your intention is to cool the whole house or your business, then the most sensible option would be to buy a centralized air-conditioning system.

Calculate the power of the device according to the volume of the room

Knowing how much air conditioning you need to combat heat in your home or business is essential to choosing the right equipment. The power of air conditioners is usually detailed in frigories, watts or BTU’s, which is a type of measurement used to calculate the heat absorption power of an air conditioner. To calculate the power of the equipment it is sufficient to solve a simple mathematical formula.

To calculate the volume of the place you want to air-condition, you must take the measurements of length, width and height and multiply them. The result of this operation is multiplied by 50 and you will obtain the number of frigories, watts or BTU’s that you need to cool the place you want.

In short, the higher the value of this mathematical operation, the more power the air conditioning equipment will have. However, it is best to have a professional installer perform a field evaluation.

If the device is equipped with Inverter technology, it is better

Inverter technology regulates the speed of the air conditioning compressor to suit requirements by changing the electrical cycle frequency. In other words, it regulates the speed of the compressor. Instead of starting and stopping frequently to obtain the desired average temperature, as the compressor in traditional air conditioners does, with Inverter technology the compressor rotates continuously, a feature that helps maintain the temperature of the equipment’s locations.

This technology allows for energy savings of up to 35% compared to traditional equipment. In addition to the energy savings, Inverter guarantees economic savings, thermal comfort, greater performance and extends the life of the equipment.

The EER in air conditioners

The EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) is the ratio between the cooling capacity and the energy consumption used to obtain it. In other words, the higher the EER, the more efficient the air conditioning equipment will be. Knowing the electrical power consumed in refrigeration can help you choose a more efficient and, therefore, more economical machine.

Which air conditioning equipment to buy?

After choosing the most appropriate air conditioning system for your room and making sure of its cooling capacity, you should try to choose the machine with the highest EER, as long as you do not have to pay an exorbitant amount of money.

Contrary to popular belief, buying an inexpensive appliance with low EER is not usually the cheapest alternative for your pocket in the long run.

Where to buy an air conditioner?

The correct answer to this question is this: after making sure that it is an authorized establishment, with certified technicians, you should buy the air conditioning system in the same city where it will be installed. If you are from Chateauguay or the South Coast of Greater Montreal and you are thinking of buying an air conditioning system, here you can ask for a free estimate, where they will also take the time to advise you and inform you about their new device or their new air conditioning system.

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