When someone decides to buy an air conditioner, many questions come to mind as to what type of device to buy, since there are many brands and models available on the market, in a wide array of prices.

However, other elements are even more important than the brand and model to consider, leading to more significant savings in the long run.

While choosing an air conditioning system from a recognized and reliable brand is essential, there are other details you must know before making your choice. Here’s what to look for when buying an air conditioner system.

Which type of air conditioning system should you choose?

There are different types of air conditioning units: window-mounted units, wall-mounted units, portable units, central air conditioning units, ducted units, roof units, etc.

Three are most commonly used, each tailored to different needs: central AC units, wall-mounted air conditioning and portable air conditioning.

Central air conditioning is ideal for homes with pre-installed air ducts. Wall-mounted air conditioning is best for homes with no air ducts. And finally, portable air conditioners are useful for those who can’t install fixed equipment because they live in a rented property or because the space or the façade doesn’t allow it.

A wall-mounted air conditioning unit would be appropriate if you want to cool one room or open area section of your house. If, on the other hand, you want to cool the whole building, then a centralized air-conditioning system would be best.

Calculate the power of the device according to the volume of the room

To choose equipment adapted to your home, you must know how much air conditioning is needed to cool your house or business.

BTUs (British Thermal Units) are used to measure the heat absorption power of an air conditioner. To calculate the necessary energy for your cooling equipment, many factors must be considered.

To get a general idea of how many BTUs are needed, start by calculating the area you want to cool. To do so, multiply the length by the width of the room or space. Then, multiply the result by 10, and you get the amount of BTUs needed to cool the room.

Generally speaking, it takes about 10 BTUs per square foot. However, many other factors can modify this result, such as ceiling height, the number of windows, etc. To know the necessary power, it’s best to have a professional AC installer perform a field evaluation.

Opt for the Inverter technology

Inverter technology regulates the speed of the air conditioning compressor according to your requirements. Instead of starting and stopping frequently to obtain the desired average temperature as traditional air conditioners do, Inverter technology makes the compressor run continuously but at a lesser intensity to maintain the desired temperature.

This technology allows up to 35% more energy savings than traditional equipment. In addition to its energy efficiency, the Inverter technology brings thermal comfort, greater performance and an extended equipment lifespan.

The EER in air conditioners

The EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) is the ratio between the cooling capacity and the energy consumption used to obtain it. In other words, the higher the EER, the more efficient the air conditioning equipment. Knowing the electrical power consumed in refrigeration can help you choose a more efficient and, therefore, more economical system.

Which air conditioning equipment should you buy?

After deciding on the most appropriate air conditioning system for your home and making sure of its cooling capacity, choose, if possible, the system with the highest EER.

Contrary to popular belief, buying an inexpensive appliance with a low EER is not the cheapest alternative for your wallet in the long run.

Where to buy an air conditioner?

Make sure to do business with an authorized establishment in your area with certified technicians.

MST sells, installs, cleans and repairs heat pumps and air conditioners in the Châteauguay and South Shore areas.

Contact us for an evaluation of your needs and a free estimate. Our team of experts will be happy to help you find the best cooling system for your home.

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