Are you hesitating between a mural and a central air conditioning system? If you don’t have a limited budget and your home respects certain conditions, then your choice of air conditioning system will depend on your personal preferences.

However, it’s always best to have all the necessary information to make a wise choice.

Here’s, without further ado, the advantages of air conditioning systems, both wall-mounted and central, as well as their disadvantages. After reading this article, you should be able to determine which type of system is compatible with your home and best suits your needs.

Central air conditioning

Installing a central air conditioner is more complex than installing a wall-mounted air conditioner, which explains its higher price. However, it offers a higher level of comfort and well-being. The central air conditioner is the most optimal and efficient device as far as air conditioning is concerned.

This type of system is most suitable for large homes, where all the house rooms can be cooled simultaneously.

Because most of the equipment for the central system is inside the house, its installation requires good planning. It is highly recommended to have an evaluation done by an air conditioning specialist to better plan the necessary space and budget to buy and install this system.

Contact MST for a free estimate if you live in Châteauguay or on the South Shore.

Advantages and disadvantages of a central air conditioner


  • Widely spaced and simple maintenance.
  • Fast and uniform cooling of parts.
  • Dehumidifies the ambient air, providing greater comfort.
  • Filters the air, improving air quality.
  • Easily control the temperature using a simple wall control unit.
  • Uses the same air ducts as your existing air heating system, saving you money on the installation cost.
  • Avoids installing interior units in each room, making it more aesthetic.


  • If there are no preinstalled air ducts in your ceiling, the total cost of your system will be higher since you’ll need to have ducts installed.
  • Impossible to air-condition rooms individually.

Wall-mounted air conditioning

Nowadays, the air conditioning system that is most in demand is the wall-mounted system, as it offers many advantages over other devices. It’s also more economical.

As for the central system, the wall-mounted air conditioning compressor is installed outside the home or building. Unlike the former, which requires an air duct system, it communicates with the indoor equipment through small pipes inserted through a hole in the wall.

The most significant disadvantage of the wall-mounted air conditioner is that it uses unitary systems inside the house. You will need several interior units to cool all the rooms you want. These units are also permanent installations, which means you won’t be able to move them at will.

Advantages and disadvantages of wall-mounted systems


  • Very low noise levels.
  • The latest generation systems are very aesthetic.
  • Rapid surface cooling.
  • Dehumidifies the ambient air for greater comfort.
  • Filters the air for better air quality.
  • Easily control temperature, fan power, airflow direction, timer and more using a single remote control.


  • Difficult to install in certain places.
  • Although sophisticated and elegant designs exist today, some don’t find it aesthetic to place a unit in every room they wish to cool.
  • The more indoor units there are in your home, the higher the electricity consumption.

Get Advice from the Experts

Hydro-Québec offers other useful advice for buying an air conditioner unit.

Contact us if you’re still unsure if a central air conditioner or wall-mounted system is best suited to your needs.

Our team of experts will be more than happy to evaluate your needs by checking the surface area of your home, the number of floors, the quality of the insulation and the height of the ceilings.

You’ll then have all the information you need to choose your air conditioning system and get the optimal comfort for you and your family.

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