If you have the necessary budget and the conditions required for the installation of one system or another, then the choice will depend on your personal taste; however, it is never too much to know the pros and cons of each air conditioning system so that you can make the right decision. If you are thinking of buying one and you don’t know if wall air conditioning or central air conditioning is better for you, in this article we tell you some details that can be useful for you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Central air conditioning

The installation of this type of air conditioner is more complicated than that of a wall air conditioner, therefore the price is higher than that of this and any other system, but in return it offers a higher level of comfort and well-being. The central air conditioner is the most optimal and efficient device as far as air conditioning is concerned.

For these reasons, it is most suitable for people who own a large house and who wish to cool several rooms at the same time.

Because the installation is inside the house or building, this equipment requires further planning. In that sense, the most advisable thing to do is to have a professional air conditioning installer make a technical inspection on site to obtain a budget according to the space and the budget of each one. If you are from Chateauguay or the South Coast of Greater Montreal, at MST Créateur de Confort you can request a free estimate.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Maintenance is simple and spaced out in time.
  • Fast and uniform cooling of parts.
  • Dehumidifies the ambient air, providing greater comfort.
  • Filters the air, thus improving air quality.
  • Possibility to easily control the temperature using a simple wall control unit.
  • If your home has an air heating system, central air conditioning uses these same ducts, so you can save the high cost of installation.
  • As far as the aesthetic part is concerned, this air conditioning system allows you to avoid placing different appliances in each space, making it more attractive.


  • Ductwork, soffits and ceilings are required on site. If your house does not have this system, the total cost, which includes installation, will rise considerably.
  • With central air conditioning it is not possible to air-condition rooms individually.
  • If your house does not have pre-installed air ducts, the initial cost is quite high and you will have to make some renovations because the ducts are located in the false ceiling.

Wall air conditioning

Today, the air conditioning system that is most in demand is wall mounted air conditioning, as it offers many advantages over other equipment, in addition to being relatively more economical.

Like central air conditioning, the wall mounted air conditioning compressor is installed outside the home or building, but unlike the former, which requires an air duct system, it communicates with the indoor equipment through small pipes that are inserted through a hole made in the wall.

The biggest disadvantage of these units is that they are unitary systems, so you will need several units to cool the rooms you want. You should also bear in mind that these appliances are permanently installed and cannot be removed.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • The noise levels are very low.
  • The latest generation systems are very aesthetic compared to those manufactured years ago.
  • Rapid surface cooling.
  • It also dehumidifies the ambient air for greater comfort.
  • Filters the air, which improves air quality.
  • Ability to easily control temperature, fan power, airflow direction, timer and more using a single control unit (remote control).


  • It is difficult to install in some places.
  • Although sophisticated and elegant designs exist today, for some people it is not so aesthetic to place a unit in every space they wish to refrigerate.
  • The more indoor units you distribute in your home, the higher the electricity consumption.

If, despite being more informed, you still do not know if wall air conditioning or central air conditioning is better for you, do not forget that you can always request a free estimate here and during the first visit the specialists will evaluate various parameters, such as the area of your home, the number of floors, the quality of the insulation and the height of the ceilings, to advise you on which one suits you best and to determine the power that your air conditioning should have.

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