A heat pump rental? Do you wonder why you should rent instead of buying? This article will shed some light on the subject and help you make an informed decision adapted to your needs.

Combine Comfort and Peace of Mind

By renting your heat pump, you will avoid unforeseen costs. You benefit from your heat pump right away by paying a fixed monthly amount that can be easily added to your budget.

What’s included with your rental? The installation and preventive maintenance every three years with filters being cleaned and a full visual inspection.

Your heat pump will be repaired at no cost if it breaks.

Durable and Effective Heat Pumps

The heat pumps offered by HydroSolution are from the brand Fujitsu. Fujitsu systems are efficient, durable, and of high quality.

Two of the offered models are wall-mounted and are available in 9,000, 12,000, 18,000, and 24,000 BTU/h. The last model offered is a multi-zone heat pump and is available with 18,000 to 45,000 BTU/h.

In the Comfort series, the Fujitsu RL model is offered starting at $56.99 per month and has the following advantages:

  • Modern, minimalist design
  • Optimal ventilation
  • Inverter technology
  • High efficiency and reliability
  • Prevents cold air flow
  • Auto and economy mode
  • Up to $200 in potential savings per year on your heating bill

In the Performance series, the Fujitsu LM model is available starting at $63.99 per month and offers the following advantages:

  • High efficiency (ENERGY STAR) and NEEP
  • Wireless remote
  • Sleep timer
  • Cold prevention, dehumidification and silent mode
  • Auto and economy mode
  • Powerful functioning mode
  • Motorized vanes
  • Automatic reboot
  • Automatic inversion
  • Up to $350 in potential savings per year on your heating bill
  • Eligible for governmental financial assistance

In the High performance series, the Fujitsu XLTH Multizone model is available starting at $99.99 per month and offers the following advantages:

  • Up to 5 indoor units
  • From 18,000 to 45,000 BTU
  • Wireless remote
  • Wireless remote
  • Inverter technology
  • Inverter technology
  • Dehumidification
  • Dehumidification
  • Night mode
  • Motorized vanes
  • Auto restart
  • Automatic inversion
  • Up to $500 in potential savings per year on your heating bill
  • Eligible for governmental financial assistance

Many prefer the heat pump with electric baseboards. In fact, a good quality heat pump is synonymous with increased comfort and savings.

Professional Service

The installation, maintenance and reparations are done by HydroSolution partners.

These partners, like Entreprises MST, are specialists in air conditioning and heating. Their technicians include refrigeration engineers and certified electricians. The installation of your device is done following the strict norms of the manufacturer for optimal performance.

Foolproof Guarantees

By opting for a rental, any repairs are free of charge.

Every three years, an inspection is done as well as preventive maintenance. During this maintenance, the filters are cleaned thoroughly along with the exterior unit. Here again, this maintenance is free of charge.

The rental contract lasts for 7 years. After that period, you can continue your monthly payments to extend your term and remain under our warranty. You can also buy back the unit.

And if You’re a Tenant?

If you don’t own your home but would like to benefit from the comfort and savings that a heat pump offers, is it possible to rent one?

Yes, it’s possible, but you need to come to an agreement with your landlord beforehand and get their authorization because if you move out, they become responsible for the heat pump rental payment.

Determining the Correct Amount of BTUs

What is a BTU? BTU is a unit of measure for energy.

How to determine the number of necessary BTUs for the optimal functioning of your heat pump? Calculate the area (length x width) of the space you want to heat or air condition. This can be a room or a floor if your house has an open-space concept. Multiply your total by 10, then round up to the highest number.

For example:

28 pi x 40 pi = 1,120 sq. ft

1120 x 10 = 11,200

11,200 rounded up = 12,000

Number of required BTU = 12,000

The general rule is 12,000 BTU by 1,000 sq. ft.

The Importance of Determining the Number of Appropriate BTUs for Your House

Some may think that by taking the most powerful system, they’ll air-condition and heat their house without any problem. However, some elements must be considered:

The more powerful a device is, the more expensive it will be to rent or buy.

A device that is too powerful will constantly be stopping and restarting, which will lead to premature wear of your system and will reduce its lifespan.

In air conditioning mode, a heat pump dries the air while air conditioning it. However, with a system that is too powerful, the air will be air-conditioned in the blink of an eye, but the device will not have had time to dry it. As a result, you will end up with ambient air that is cold and humid; the opposite of comfort.

Apply for a Grant

The models from the Performance and High performance series are admissible to a grant from the government.

Trust HydroSolution

For many years HydroSolution has offered water heater rentals. Seeking to expand the range of services offered, HydroSolution has added heat pumps to its product lineup.

HydroSolution is available seven days a week, with a call center open from 9h to 17h to help answer and questions.

A heat pump rental will prevent you from getting into debt and pay for unexpected expenses if it breaks.

HydroSolution, in partnership with trusted companies like MST, gives you peace of mind with a turnkey service.

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