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Central conditioner

HVACs (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) use the same air ducts as your existing forced-air heating system for cooling all areas in your home. This means only one system, optimized for energy efficiency, and for both heating and cooling. The main unit (condenser) of central air conditioners is located outside the house, while the evaporator is installed indoor, in your home, in a vertical air duct.

The power of an air conditioner is indicated in BTU (British Thermal Unit). The power of a central air conditioner is generally between 24 000 and 60 000 BTU, depending on the size of your home and the area you intend on cooling. Today’s air conditioners are built with energy efficiency in mind while maintaining high performance, to cool your home to perfection. We can guide you to the best product for your personal preferences.

During our first visit to your home, our specialists will evaluate different parameters to determine the performance, efficiency and features that will best suit your personal preferences and the areas of your house. For example, the surface area of your home, the number of floors, the quality of the insulation, and the ceiling height are vital to narrow down the options from our line of conditioning systems.

We curate our line up to ensure the best brands, top products, features and resources are at your disposal, regardless of which package you purchase. MST offers high quality air conditioning products for every size house, at every price point. Our experienced team can help you compare our air conditioners so that you can feel confident deciding which product is best for you and your home. Our pre and post sale service is second to none. For more information, do not hesitate to reach out.


The advantages of central air conditioners are numerous:

  • they provide rapid cooling of every room in the house, in a uniform manner.
  • they dehumidify ambient air in all areas of the home for optimal performance and greater comfort.
  • high quality air filtration to improve air quality in the house.
  • set the temperature of the whole house and control your HVAC’s features, with the aid of a single control unit.

Air Conditioning with A Central Heat Pump

In order to take advantage of efficient air conditioning during the summer and an unbeatable, energy efficient heating system during the winter, we recommend that you seriously consider the purchase of a heat pump, HVAC, for your home.

Are you under the impression that a heat pump is too expensive? Think again! Today, the price of a central heat pump is almost the same if you compare the price of a central air conditioner. The same is also true for the price of a wall-mounted heat pump, when you compare the price to its cooling equivalent. We have efficient and high quality systems from reputable brands at every price point, tailored to the heating and cooling needs of your home. We are more than happy to guide you through the selection process.

Our Central Air Conditioning Systems

All set prices include an outdoor heating and cooling unit, also referred to as an HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), furnace and installation. We also carry quality filters, allowing for maximum air flow while protecting your furnace.



3 500 $

From only
52$/month installed!

Energy Star
Country of design
Lowest Temperature (° C)
Max ext. sound volume (db)
Guarantee: Labor / Parts / Compressor
Starting From



3 500$

From only 52$/month installed!

Model: N4H4
SEERS / HSPF : 14 / 8.2
Energy Star : No
Country of design : China
Min. heating (° C) : -12 C
Stage : 1 stage
Sound (db) :
Thermostat : WiFi
Guarantee :
Labor / Pièces / Compresseur
1 / 10 / 10
From : 6,960 $
Brochure :
Promo :

Model: HC19
SEERS / HSPF : 19 / 10
Energy Star : Yes
Country of design : USA
Min. heating (° C) : -28 C
Stage : 2 stages
Sound (db) : 69db
Thermostat : WiFi
Guarantee :
Labor / Pièces / Compresseur
5 / 10 / 10
From :
Brochure :
Promo :


Model: Zuba
SEERS / HSPF : 17 / 12.5
Energy Star : Yes
Country of design : Japan
Min. heating (° C) : -30 C
Stage : Variables
Sound (db) : 53db
Thermostat : WiFi en option
Guarantee :
Labor / Pièces / Compresseur
6 / 10 / 10
From :
Brochure :
Promo :