While it can be used as the sole heating system, the convector is best used in rooms that aren’t connected to a central heating system, or that need extra heating; bathrooms, for instance.

Its power is measured in watts. As a general rule, 10 watts is sufficient to heat one square foot of surface area.

Wall-mounted convector or recessed convector, with or without fan-forced heat

The wall-mounted convector can be mounted on any wall (doesn’t need to be under a window), while the recessed convector is fitted into the floor for a discreet look.

Certain models have a fan-forced heating function, allowing for the rapid heating of a room with the aid of a blower. These models are often equipped with a timer.

Wall or integrated thermostat

The thermostat (electronic and programmable) can be located on the convector itself; with the advantage that it detects temperature drops more quickly.

The thermostat can also be located on the wall; with the advantage of ease of access.

What type of convector to choose?

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