Maintenance and repair

Heat pump maintenance, air conditioner maintenance, and more

Heat pump repair, air conditioner repair, and more

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Preventive Maintenance and Systems Check

With the greatest care, we ensure the maintenance of your heat pump, your air conditioner, your air exchanger, and other appliances or systems to prevent breakage and to optimize their performance.

Take advantage of our excellent maintenance plans!

Wall-mounted system maintenance

Compressor :
  • Electrical and mechanical connections check;
  • Refrigeration tubes insulation check;
  • Exterior sound level check;
  • Anchorage and bracket check;
  • Refrigerant level check and adjustment as needed (gas not included).
Cooling circuit:
  • inside and outside unit coil checks;
  • inspection of the motors;
  • temperature check;
  • wiring insulation check;
  • anchorage and bracket check;
  • lubrication of the motors when needed.
Controls :
  • electrical connections check;
  • function check of all selectors and adjustment as needed;
  • remote control check.
Air Filters:
  • cleaning of air filters.
Drainage System:
  • drain pipes check.


$250 + tx.

Additional fees applicable to:

  • Dual-zone systems;
  • Staircase
  • Unit located in the attic.

Central system maintenance

Compressor system inspection:
  • Casing function check;
  • Sound level and vibrations check;
  • Safety valve tightness check;
  • Refrigerant level check and adjustment as needed (gas not included);
  • 4-way valve function check;
  • Electrical connections check.
Inspection of air-cooled condensing unit:
  • Check and cleaning of unit as needed;
  • Lubrication of motors;
  • Anchorage and bracket check;
  • Propeller condition check.
Interior ventilator and coil inspection:
  • Ventilator balance check;
  • Ventilator brackets check;
  • Motor lubrication;
  • Fresh air dampers check (including tightness check).


$265 + tx.

Extras or premium services:

  • Humidifier inspection, if required;
  • Reservoir cleaning, if required;
  • Cleaning and replacement of pad, if required (pad not included);
  • Water level check and adjustment as needed;
  • Inspection of auxiliary heating or gas heating.

Air exchanger and air duct maintenance

  • Electrical connections check;
  • Function check of all components and adjustment as needed;
  • Sound level and vibrations check;
  • Lubrication of motors;
  • Propeller condition check.
  • Core cleaning
  • Filter Cleaning
Air Filters:
  • Cleaning of air filters.
Drainage System:
  • Drain pipes check.
Air exchange unit
  • Function check and cleaning as needed.


$595 + tx.

Additionnal fees applicable to:

  • Dual-zone systems
  • Staircase
  • Unit located in the attic

Duct Cleaning

If you have a central heat pump, an electric, gas or oil furnace, or an air exchanger, you should plan to have the air and ventilation ducts cleaned around every 5 years. This will eliminate not only the dust, but also the bacteria and mold that can proliferate.

Ventilation Ducts

You should consider having regular cleaning if:

  • one or all of your family members smokes regularly;
  • you have recently had renovations done;
  • you have a long-haired animal;
  • you suffer from allergies or respiratory illnesses, like asthma.

You should also have your ventilation ducts cleaned if:

  • your home has been subject to disaster (flood or fire);
  • you notice an abundant and abnormal accumulation of dust in the interior;
  • you notice the persistent odour of moisture in the interior coming from your ventilation system.