Our Services Heat Pump Repair

Repairing a heat pump is a delicate operation that must be performed by experts to protect your investment. The cleanliness of our work and services are guaranteed. We surpass industry standards, thanks to our meticulous methodology. Rest assured that the work is done well and quickly.

Certified Repair of your Heat Pump

The repair of an air conditioner or a heat pump must be done by competent technicians who are certified and accredited by the manufacturer. This ensures that the work is done well, safely and is guaranteed. The members of our technical team hold an operating license in their respective trades, whether they are:

  • Refrigeration mechanic
  • Tinsmith
  • Electrician
  • Natural gas and propane technician
  • Fixed machine mechanic
  • Certified by the manufacturer

Certifications necessary for a safe repair, respecting standards

Accurate diagnosis of the entire system
Warranty verification and repair estimate
Repair or replacement according to the diagnosis and warranty

Did you know

If the manufacturer’s warranty still covers your equipment, you are eligible for this coverage even if you work with a different company than the one that did the initial installation. Have peace of mind. We take care of everything, from the warranty claim with the manufacturer to the complete repair of your appliance.


How to troubleshoot your heat pump?

Are you having problems with your heat pump? Consult this troubleshooting guide before calling a technician.

Heat pumps vary from model to model, but generally the same principles apply.

Consult your owner’s manual for more precise instructions. On the website Master.ca, you can download the operating manual for different heat pump models. The first step is to check if the circuit breaker is not tripped in the electrical panel. Next, confirm that the intake grill is closed properly and verify that the system’s timer is not working.

If your heat pump works but with reduced performance. 1) Check the return air filter. 2) Clean it or replace it if dirty. 3) Check the exterior unit. Make sure that the coils and ventilator are not obstructed.

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