Who doesn’t love to save on bills? Whether you are working with a small budget or with limited means, savings are always welcome. Did you know that Quebec offers two programs in an effort to increase eco-friendly and efficient energy use? When you buy and install a new heat pump in your home, be sure to apply for one of these heat pump grants:

Here is a rundown of both programs and the benefits they offer.

What Is the Hydro-Québec Efficient Heat Pump Program?

Before purchasing your new energy-efficient heat pump, make sure you know the home and appliance requirements for eligibility. You have six months to apply for financial aid through Hydro-Québec once the heat pump installation or replacement is done.


Eligibility Conditions of the Efficient Heat Pump Program

  • The Efficient heat pump program is for owners, individuals or companies, of homes or residential buildings located within Quebec.
  • The residence must be a single-family home (detached, semi-detached, townhouse or mobile home), a duplex, triplex or multi-unit residential buildings (with not more than three storeys above ground and a maximum surface area of 600 m²). The grant for heat pumps can be requested for newly built homes and already existing homes.
  • The entire heat pump system must be new and bought in Quebec. It must also be on the eligible heat pump list.
  • Your contractor must be RBQ certified.
  • You must fill out and submit all the required documents listed in the application.
  • Allow verification of the work to be performed at any time up until twelve months past installation.
  • You cannot combine offers, for example, with additional government programs like Rénoclimatfor the same heat pump.

Follow These Steps to Benefit Fully from the Program

Consult the Participant’s Guide to ensure that your new appliances and home follow the program’s guidelines.

Make sure your documents are in order, including;

  • Proof of ownership
  • Purchase and installation contracts
  • A photo of the appliance labels, both interior and exterior parts

Fill out the Application for Financial Assistance online and attach the required documents.

You will be notified by email or phone in the next 20 business days if you are not eligible for financial assistance. If you qualify for the program, you will receive instructions on where and how to submit your social insurance number to the responsible department safely and securely.

You will receive your cheque ten to twelve weeks after the completion of your file.


Efficient Heat Pump Financial Aid Guidelines

The amount gifted for an approved heat pump varies according to the system’s heating output in winter conditions. You receive $50 for every thousand BTUs/h at -8°C.

So for a heat pump of 10000 BTUs/h at -8°C, you’ll receive $500, while a heat pump of 20000 BTUs/h at -8°C will give you $1000.


A Deep Dive Into the Rénoclimat Program

If you are looking to make energy efficiency upgrades to your home, you may want to apply for the Rénoclimat program.


The Advantages of the Rénoclimat Program

  • A free at-home consultation visit from a Rénoclimat representative to do a home energy audit and fully optimize your available options.
  • You will receive financial aid.
  • Optimize your heat consumption and comfort settings.

What Rénoclimat Covers in Terms of Work

  • Isolation.
  • Sealing.
  • Replacing doors and windows.
  • Installation or replacement of your mechanical systems: water heater, heat pump, ventilation system, heating system, and geothermic system.

Admission Guidelines of the Rénoclimat Program

  • Be an owner of a residence in Québec. You can participate more than once for the same home.
  • The residence must be a single-family home (detached, semi-detached, townhouse or mobile home), a duplex, triplex or multi-unit residential buildings (with not more than three storeys above ground and a maximum surface area of 600 m²).

How the Rénoclimat Program Works

  • Ensure that you, your home and the work qualifies for the program with their Participation Guide (in French only).
  • Before you begin work on your home, fill in the online form (in French only) to have your first home visit.
  • The Rénoclimat representative will perform a home energy audit and a provisional outline of the work that needs to be done, in line with their recommendations. Do not hesitate to ask your representative any questions you may have regarding your renovations.
  • Carry out your work.
  • Once your work is complete, fill out the online form to obtain a post-installation energy evaluation. This is a free evaluation.
  • If the associate approves the work that has been done and you are eligible for the grant, you can give them your social insurance number or Québec business number in a secure fashion.
  • You will receive your cheque ten to twelve weeks after the final evaluation.

Rénoclimat Financial Aid

Financial aid from Rénoclimat varies depending on the kind of work you have done. You can consult the website for more information.

When you’re registered to the Rénoclimat program, you also have access to the Canada Greener Homes Grant. The financial assistance provided by Rénoclimat is then adjusted according to the work done and the amount offered by the federal program. Therefore, the two amounts are not cumulative for the same measure.

MST Helps You Reduce Costs

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